Instant Issuing
with your mobile

In the digital world, getting an instant payment card issued and interacting via the banking app should be quick and easy, whether for yourself or for your child, wherever they are.  

How We Will Pay Jack

A payment card on your mobile in one click 

With digital issuing, it’s really simple for Emilie to set up an instant payment card on her mobile and send Hugo an invitation to install it onto his smartphone and start making payments.
Card management is easy with Hugo’s instant payment card. Emilie can control the budget and can get the app to ping him to encourage him to make green choices.

Emilie and Hugo can interact in real time using the app so Emilie can instantly raise Hugo’s spending limit using her smartphone. It’s as quick as a click!

When Hugo goes on a school trip, Emilie can create a dedicated budget for the city trip using the geolocation feature and even use the card to take out travel insurance for while he is away.