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Meet Jack

Welcome to Jack’s world. Jack is 30 and although he wasn’t born with a smartphone in his hand, he picks up new tech like bees pick up pollen! Jack is a hyper connected technophile who can’t imagine a day without his smartwatch, smartphone, gizmos and apps. He is as at home in the digital world as in the physical world and he connects online regularly with interesting people across the world and locally, like Emilie, who he met on an online community forum. Although he admits to being a tech geek, he has at least one foot in the non-digital world. Five years ago Jack thought climate change was a week in Ibiza; today he knows otherwise and wants to play his part in preserving the planet.


… Is this the real world or is this just fantasy? 

Very soon in Jack’s city, he will be able to scan the QR code on a display panel as he enters a shop…
and then scan the articles he wants  as he moves around the shop. 
To check out, Jack simply clicks on his basket. He pays securely directly on his phone. 
Now Jack can leave the shop without any security problems. Unless of course he forgets to scan something while engrossed in his smartphone!