as a service

Meet Emilie

Meet Emilie. She has so many interests in the physical world around her (sport, art, theatre) that the digital world gets her attention most when it can help her do things more easily. For the past ten years or so, Emilie (who recently celebrated her 40th birthday) has happily embraced social networks and adopts technology that is useful and convenient – like an app to help recycle her unwanted clothes that she found out about from Jack via the online local community forum. Online food shopping was a no-brainer for her. While she is no stranger to simple pleasures like walking in the park in the rain, she has always had an affinity with the letters V.I.P! Maybe as they rhyme with her name, or maybe because she enjoys pampering and V.I.P. experiences that match her interests and outgoing personality. 

Mobility as a service

She loves using the VoiceBot Assistant on her phone
to see how she can combine driving with public transport or cycling 

Emilie has registered her personal and payment details, as well as her photo and car license plate number to be linked to her Mobility Companion account. 

With WL Tap 2 Use, Emilie will pay the fairest price for this journey. 

Payment is taken at the end of the day and will show online in the Mobility Companion account and on her credit card statement.