In our 48 years, Worldline has expanded to 50+ countries  worldwide and now employs over 20,000 talents. Together, we are shaping new ways of paying, living and doing business.  Since our inception, we have been a pioneer in the transformation of transactions, delivering our vision of a cashless economy by developing agile, customer-centric solutions rooted in a rock-solid technological base [1]. Leading to us becoming the new world-class leader in digital payments.

By joining forces with Ingenico in 2020, Worldline became Europe’s new world-class leader in payment services ranking us the fourth largest player in payments worldwide. Following this new merger, we stand even stronger in operating payment solutions that enable viable economic growth and reinforce trust and security in our societies. With our global footprint and dedication to excellence, innovation and sustainability, Worldline is set to accelerate the development of the European payments industry, further shaping new ways of paying, living and doing business.

A new initiative from our side is the Worldline Scientific Community. It consists of technology and business experts from across the group and is chaired by Worldline’s CEO and deputy CEO. The Scientific Community’s goal is to identify, analyse, convey and predict how key trends in society, business and tech will evolve in the future. The experts’ main focus is to transform the trends into strategic and specific insights for our customers in the shape of whitepapers and articles from the Scientific Community .

In January 2021, Worldline and The European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (EDPIA) welcomed three new members: Aircash from Croatia, Buckaroo from the Netherlands and HiPay from France. This will strengthen and diversify EDPIA’s presence in the European payments market and enhance the contribution to the EU policy development while creating a stronger Europe in payments [2].



Mergers And Acquisitions In The Payments industry across Europe

The payments industry is seeing an upturn in the mergers and acquisitions in the payments industry as companies consolidate to compete for scale and reduce costs in the face of the challenges posed by fintechs and new companies specialising in e-commerce payment systems in a shifting regulatory environment.
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Worldline’s story

The Worldline story began in 1973 when it won the first-ever card transaction processing contract. Over the years, it acquired Equens and Cardlink. It entered a new chapter in 2020 when it acquired Ingenico. Find out more about how Worldline became a new global leader in the payment services industry.

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Meet the Worldline Scientific Community

Meet members of Worldline’s Scientific Community tasked with identifying and analysing key trends in society, business, and technology to arrive at valuable strategic insights for Worldline clients and help them prepare for the future.

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