Following the merger with Ingenico, Worldline has set out on its biggest rebranding ever, consolidating its brand portfolio and launching a new global brand identity. We talked to Claes Nyströmer, Group Head of Brand and Digital Reputation at Worldline Global, about the new identity, the rationale behind the rebranding and how it will benefit Worldline’s clients in the future.

Claes Nyströmer, Group Head of Brand and Digital Reputation
at Worldline Global


Why did you decide to launch a new brand identity and consolidate your brand portfolio?

Worldline has been deeply transformed by its organic evolution and a series of strategic acquisitions, with Ingenico being one of them. These acquisitions have significantly contributed to our transformation into a global leader, with 20,000 people across 50 countries. With this size and scale, combined with a portfolio of more than 10 brands, it was important to us to come together as one unified organisation.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve been steadily moving towards a deeper integration of our Group in terms of operations, teams and culture, so that we think and act as One Worldline. Rebranding most of our brands to Worldline is an important step, and a powerful symbol of this unity. Standing united under one main brand will allow us to move together into the future, and bring even more value to our clients around the world. At the same time, we also wanted our brand to better reflect the Worldline of today, and this was the perfect time to launch a new global identity. To put it simply, this rebranding aligns our brand strategy with where the Worldline Group is today.

From a branding perspective, how would you describe the Worldline of today?

Worldline is the European leader in digital payments, and number four globally. We have arrived at this position by building on our commitment to excellence and our reputation for delivering sustainable, trusted and secure solutions. This will always be at the heart of Worldline, and it is also reflected in our new brand identity. Our new corporate vision is to enable sustainable growth, and reinforce trust and security in our societies. This highlights our deeply held sense of purpose and reaffirms our values and our commitment to corporate and social responsibility. We strongly believe that success in the payments sector requires a balance between economic growth and the prosperity of people and the planet.

What is the story behind the new visual identity?

It really is a story about trust. Worldline is trusted to provide infrastructure for millions of people and businesses around the world, and we take that very seriously. Our new logo conveys how Worldline, through the transactions we enable, brings together different worlds and connects lives, with the Group at the centre, passing on trust. The nature-referenced colours in our palette reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and convey the authenticity and clarity of our approach, rooted in trust. And just as important for Worldline, our new visual identity is another step on our eco-branding journey. All visual ingredients have been conceived for minimised carbon impact. Wherever we can, and no matter how small the impact, we will cut out carbon emissions.

How will this rebranding benefit your clients?

Our clients can be assured that they will receive the same high quality of service as always. And going forward, operating under a unified brand will enable us to demonstrate how being one of the world’s largest players in payment services can benefit our clients even more. We will be able to offer a unique value proposition under one brand with a unified experience. This means that wherever our clients are, and however big they want to grow, Worldline will have the solutions, products and expertise to help them succeed.


Want to see more? You can explore Worldline’s new brand identity here.



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