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Customer Relationship NEXT: how to meet the new uses and expectations of consumers? 

In an increasingly digitalized world, the customer experience has become a differentiating factor under the effect of GAFAM. It is not easy for companies to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers who compare their experience and increase their level of expectation.

At the same time, technologies are evolving at a rapid pace and are opening up new perspectives.

You want to grow your business and differentiate with engaging conversations with your customers?

Discover our vision of the customer relationship of tomorrow with the 12 essential challenges to take up and how to address it thanks to Tech & AI.

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Digital Trends impacts on Customer eXperience

Digital trends evolve and have strong impact on current and tomorrow Customer eXperience in front of Banks, Retailers, Insurances, Governments…:

  • Today, users evolve quickly on all communication channels, adoption and generalization for the most of people is faster and faster.

  • Pure players like GAFAM, NATU and BATX fix new rules and habits of consumers. Users then naturally expect the same experience level or services from the other actors in private and public sectors.

End-users expectations are quite simple

  • #1 Don't waste time, don't wait! End-users need simple and quick answers. 
  • #2 Not having to worry about the contact channel! Any Time Any Where Any Device has never been so true. 
  • #3 End-users want to stay in control!
  • #4 Have an experience of trust! Security and transparency are key for trust. 

Follow our 4 Design Personas

  • AMY uses often new tech’ but only if it’s useful!

  • MARC travels often and uses his smartphone for all.

  • SARAH is a digital native.

  • JOE is balanced between tech & human first interest.



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