opportunities & challenges of psd2 – how to position yourself as a company in the open banking market?

PSD2 and open banking APIs have finally arrived in the market and startups are taking advantage of the available interfaces and offer services and solutions that incumbents were not able to offer in the past.
In an interesting discussion powered by EY Belgium, Worldline exchanged with the CEO’s of 2 FinTechs, Cake and Digiteal about the opportunities and the challenges of PSD2 XS2A.

With their knowledge of the banking market, all three companies have used agile development approaches and cloud-based infrastructures to leverage Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS) that offer PSD2 XS2A and bring high value to customers.

In this podcast, we advise on how to position itself as a company in order to innovate in this new eco-system while keeping the same goal in mind: proposing new, simple, omni-channel and end-to-end user experience to customers.