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Digital Security Suite

Complete protection for all your devices

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Digital Security Suite is evolving in a cyber security process to secure all your devices.

Nowadays, smartphones are the preferred user endpoint. That said, these devices are subject to many threats due to their high connectivity, the sensitivity of the current use cases available, and a lack of good practice on how to use them in a secure way.
As a result, a digital security suite is necessary. This suite will protect the device and avoid all types of cyber-attacks.

An adaptable solution

Digital Security Suite is fully adaptable not only to all your devices (smartphones, tablets and computers) but also to all channels.

Our solution aims to fully adapt to the usage of your end users to offer complete protection for all types of sensitive information.

A complete and secure protection

Digital Security Suite offers a complete protection which is divided into 4 steps:


1) Fraud Prevention, 
2) Risk prediction, 
3) Risk detection leading to an, 
4) Adaptative Reaction. 


Our solution is a security layer to prevent all cyber-attacks and unauthorised access to your data.

Different use cases

Our solution is suitable to any use cases where there is a need to digitalize sensible operations and protect personal information. For instance:


  • · Mobile banking applications
  • · Payments
  • · Digital Identity
  • · Healthcare
  • · Transportation

Thanks to this, Digital Security Suite will satisfy all your needs and those of your end users.

Back Office

Digital Security Suite is also composed of a back office. This tool allows the easy configuration and dynamic fine-tuning of security policies.

With this tool you can view the safety policy and update for the entire fleet or for a given fleet. Clients can also manage a “blacklist” of devices and update the security policy in relation to “families”.

A complete solution for the protection of your devices

Our solution provides local and remote protection for all the applications you provide to your customers. It is available for all devices (smartphones, computers, tablets). Furthermore, protection can also be applied individually and updated for any new kind of identified fraud. This solution will protect your devices and their data in transit, at rest, and during processing. 

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