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Digital enablement through EMV tokenization.

With the ongoing digital acceleration, digital payments and tokenization become staple enablers for banks to stay in the race for innovation. Payments with mobile devices are an important part of the digital transformation of our clients. However, despite the convenience they offer for the cardholders, they can pose substantial challenges for security and deployment models.

Convenience for cardholders

Cardholder’s access to seamless and secure payments with mobile/wearable devices and tokenized cards on file for e-commerce transactions. Guarantee of payment continuity even when card is lost, stolen or expired.

Increased security

Higher security and lower fraud risk of token-based payments compared to PAN-based payments thanks to EMV tokenization.

Improved authorization rate

By substituting the PAN with a token, the number of risky transaction elements impacting fraud-scoring reduces, leading to higher authorization approval rates and lower false declines.

Differentiating solution

Innovative and differentiating solution for banks to compete with FinTechs and Neo banks and to keep their tech-savvy cardholders satisfied.

Token Management

Token Management is a solution for issuing banks to act as an “Issuer Token Service Provider” and enable their cardholders to benefit from token-based payments in stores, in apps and on the web. As a token orchestrator service for ITSP,  Token Management provides a wide range of offerings and options to meet the business needs of our clients.

Why Token Management?

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Convenient payments with mobile devices

Learn how tokenization can help cards issuing banks to improve their cardholder’s digital payment experience. 

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