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Financial Data Services

Deliver data to clients in an enhanced, secure and standardized way.

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Financial Data Services for Compliance & Risk and Operations

Based on our long experience in providing Financial Data Services, we have developed several financial data services in ASP mode which process all usual market data feeds, derive/validate/map all necessary data (with a full audit trail), complete/repair the data where necessary manually by either our clients or our BPO team, deliver data to clients in a secure and standardized way, and propose ready-to-use solutions for various regulatory purposes.

Services for Compliance & Risk

Compliance & Risk Management are increasingly complex in financial sector since regulations are flourishing, and thus data availability and reliability become compulsory.


Based on our expertise, we have developed financial data services covering, among others, UCITS eligibility check and data feeds with all financial instruments and companies under international sanctions or having legal activities in Marijuana-Related-Businesses (MRB).

Services for Operations

Operations are increasingly time consuming and complex since investment portfolios diversity evolves continuously, and it requires powerful solutions to deal with this.


Based on our expertise, we have developed financial data services to automate Master Data / Security Master File management and to handle efficiently the daily establishment of an appropriate valuation price for portfolio holdings.


Both services are client driven, with optional daily management by our BPO team when financial data are missing / not accurate or when clients request our assistance to "price" their investment portfolios.

Financial Data Services

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