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Let's go South Korea

Local card coverage, maximum payment conversion, and minimum risks. With Worldline, you can access the Korean market with ease and do business like a local.

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South Korea is the 3rd largest e-commerce market in Asia. A high-tech, cultural behemoth, the country features an affluent population, superior infrastructure, and one of the most advanced mobile markets in the world. With its strong and diverse purchasing power of over 51 million consumers, South Korea represents a plethora of opportunities for global companies looking to gain a foothold in Asia. Worldline can enable you to access this technologically advanced market with ease and do business like a local.

Worldline’s Offer

Worldline’s deep understanding of the South Korean financial ecosystem and local partnerships can help global online businesses process payments locally, as well as access the local market without having to set up a local entity. Our full-service cross-border payment solution provides:

*Guaranteed FX is an optional service and will be available soon.

Maximum Payment Conversion Guaranteed

Local Card Coverage

Worldline enables you to access all local and co-branded cards in South Korea.

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