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"We are proud to be the first bank in Belgium to offer our customers this new and easy way of paying. It was a challenging project that could only be realised thanks to the good collaboration with equensWorldline, among others. Customers with a wearable can now pay for their purchases safely and conveniently in a very user-friendly and stylish way. Contactless payments have been on the rise since the corona crisis. Where previously one in five payments were made contactless, today we see that one in two customers pay contactless."
Ivo De Meersman
Director of Payments & Cards KBC Belgium

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“Siemens is a leader in digital transformation and our Congleton factory is considered to be a ‘lighthouse’ facility- showcasing new technologies. In this context, secure management with full traceability and revocability of our service partners’ digital access is critical for optimum process efficiency and seamless operations. After an incredibly smooth pilot phase at Congleton, we are in production now and hope  to recommend the solution to other Siemens industrial sites in the UK.”

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“The EPC has established the SPL scheme to facilitate European cross-border P2P payments. In this process, equensWorldline has been a reliable and innovative partner during the service implementation and participated actively in the continuous improvement of the service.”
Etienne Goosse
Director General of the EPC

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Duty Free at Budapest Airport
“We are delighted that we can now make both UnionPay and Alipay payments available to Chinese customers in our Duty Free Shops in Budapest. We see great potential in this customer segment, and we want them to enjoy the best customer experience. By partnering with Worldline, we can be sure to smoothly expand the offering to other countries as well as broaden the range of acceptance services.”
Ildikó Jankovich
Managing Director Heinemann Duty Free at Budapest Airport

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Futuring Payments

In this edition, we analyse the ongoing consolidation trend in the payments industry around the world, the advantages of partnerships between financial services industry players and how the industry can accommodate the megatrends in the European and global payments markets.
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Stablecoins, Towards A Trusted Digital Currency

Stablecoins take advantage of the same peer-to-peer blockchain technology that powers bitcoin. However, the value of stablecoins is pegged to real-world assets such as fiat currency, gold and other commodities, so they hold an intrinsic value and are stable.

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How banks can build trust in a PSD2 world

In this whitepaper, we will focus on one of the biggest issues for banks – the new regulations around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). We will highlight the challenges posed and explore how banks can go beyond simple compliance to build trust and create a smooth experience for all their customers. Don’t miss the insights provided by this whitepaper for banks!

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