The unique Global Alliance between Atos and Worldline will capitalize on the shared history of both companies by continuing the valuable collaboration and reinforcing the two companies’ strong industrial and commercial relationship.

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The Atos-Worldline Alliance

The strategic Global Alliance between Atos and Worldline was formalized in May 2019, following the carve out of Worldline as a stand-alone company in payment services.

With Worldline and Atos now two independent pure players and listed global leaders in their respective domains of payment services and digital services, the Global Alliance is intended to bring reciprocal benefits for both companies – notably by leveraging their intellectual property, technology and R&D assets as well as pipelines to strengthen their technological leadership, all of which will present unparalleled growth and development opportunities.


Business partnership

This will include:

  • Sales and joint go-to-market strategy
  • Business & Technology Innovation Centers
  • R&D cooperation and innovation in digital and payment services
  • HR cooperation, including talent pools and networks
  • Procurement activities



It is the joint ambition of Atos and Worldline to consolidate their longstanding relationship and reinforce their worldwide commercial and industrial partnership to generate incremental growth, innovation and human resource opportunities through the Global Alliance.

The growth strategy will cover the following industry sectors:

  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Telecom, Media & Technology
  • Retail Transport & Logistics
  • Public Sector & Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Services & Insurance


The partnership between Worldline and Atos is rooted in a shared history of innovation and collaboration that has developed over decades in a wide range of markets and projects. Worldline looks forward to working together with Atos as two independent pure players with complementary ambitions to be the best in their fields of expertise.