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34,000 catering businesses in Belgium on the lookout for new cash register

34,000 catering businesses in Belgium on the lookout for new cash register

Worldline presents the "Resto Box", which comes with an integrated "fiscal box", as the new standard

Brussels, 11 March, 2014 -Due to the compulsory introduction of the so-called "fiscal box"* in the Belgian catering sector - hotel, restaurant, café- , many business owners are looking for a new cash register solution. Physical cash registers can be replaced with an app that also processes orders, reservations, inventory management and electronic means of payment directly. Worldline, Atos subsidiary in e-payment services and transactional services, reveals Resto Box, along with other solutions for the catering industry at the ‘Horecatel’ trade fair.

Worldline estimates that 34,000 catering business owners will be on the lookout for new solutions in the coming months. The total number of owners without a real cash register is estimated at 15,000, and another 19,000 may have an electronic till, but one that is not compatible with the Fiscal Box. The Box is already available to early adopters who wish to apply for a tax benefit, and does not become fully compulsory until the start of 2015.

“Business owners can use the introduction of the fiscal box to get their cash register system to work for them. We are delighted to be at the forefront of the introduction of a new standard in the Belgian catering business and able to assist businesses to adopt a new standard” explained Virginie Waroquiers, Sales & Marketing Manager at Worldline.

In this context Worldline presents its Resto Box concept. The Resto Box is an all-in-one solution that turns a tablet in an electronic cash register, a management system and a payment system. “Our ambition is to put a highly accessible solution on the market that combines many features.” continues Virginie Waroquiers Resto Box is a modular system that comes in three standard packages that can be expanded with options like a cash drawer, extra licences, or iPad accessories.

Worldline teamed up with a Belgian-based firm Posios who developed the app and will act as a distributor of the solution. Worldline will reveal the Resto Box and other solutions for the catering sector at the ‘Horecatel’ trade fair that takes place from 9-12 March in Marche-en-Famennes, Belgium.

*For more information on the fiscal box and related tax benefits, please click on the link below:

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