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Worldline launched a service of Connected Assistance for elderly and vulnerable people

Worldline launched a service of Connected Assistance for elderly and vulnerable people

Paris, March 23, 2016 - Worldline [Euronext: WLN], a European payment and transactional services market leader, announced the launch of Worldline Connected Assistance dedicated to vulnerable and elderly people.

Wearables - smart devices worn on the person, will be a key element - according to Worldline - in the development of new smart caring solutions designed to improve the welfare and quality of life of users, especially among elderly and vulnerable people. Worldline, with its device-agnostic approach has already included various devices - glasses, e-textiles, smartwatches, etc. - in its Connected Assistance concept in order to improve quality of life and cut reaction times in emergencies for people who require special medical attention.

According to Santi Ristol Jorba, Director of the Worldline Mobile Competence Centre and member of the Atos Scientific Community, the market for wearables was worth over $70 billion in 2015. Santi Ristol said:  "Our life expectancy is always increasing; Worldline works on improving the support of healthcare delivery in order to provide a better way of living for ageing population and their family. Everyone is concerned by this situation especially Governments which have to promote the most efficient solutions for the years to come".

Connected Assistance, is a solution designed to solve part of the problem, offering services based on mobile technology, for managing the lives of vulnerable and elderly people. Worldline, together with the Atos Scientific Community, have developed a Proof of Concept aimed at creating an Assistance Network to help patients live independently, while offering security and peace of mind to their families.

This Assistance Network uses multiple components, notably wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT). "Patients are monitored and looked after using devices such as smartwatches and connected sensors that enable their vital data to be monitored. This data is collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis by medical personnel so as to take immediate action if necessary. The system stores all data securely in Cloud-based files, which provide real-time data availability at all times so medical staff can then follow patients' progress and continually update their medical strategy on an individual basis.

Connected Assistance provides direct benefits for users, reminding them when to take medication and giving guidance as to their daily diet and physical activity, or doctors' appointments. The system can identify abnormal situations, generating an alarm, and has a "Help" button for emergencies.

Santi Ristol pointed out that "The objective is to provide security and welfare, simplifying the management of healthcare for patients themselves along with their families and medical staff".

The solution enables selected family members to access data so as to help them be proactive in identifying potential problems. In addition, via a user-friendly web portal, family members can consult dates of medical appointments, information of interest and procedures in case of emergency.

Santi Ristol said: "We use technology to solve one of the major problems for these people, namely loneliness. As a result, by using the portal, relatives can stay in contact with patients and patients feel comforted knowing there is always someone to accompany them".

Connected Assistance is part of Worldline "Connected Living" IoT strategy to provide innovative solutions and business models. Connected Assistance is complementing Worldline IoT extensive portfolio that already includes Connected Vehicles and Connected Home offerings.

Worldline will be present at the IoT world trade fair in Paris from March, 23rd & 24th, booth Atos #72 to showcase the Connected Assistance solution and to speak about its WL Connected Living solutions.

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