your citizens' experience

Make a triple-value impact – improve your citizens’ satisfaction, increase efficiency and enhance your mission-effectiveness with Worldline’s solutions for simple digital services.

Seamless digitisation
of services

Worldline has the expertise and technology to implement seamless digitisation solutions across your entire organisation while also creating opportunities to innovate and grow new revenue streams.

Security trust
and compliance

All Worldline solutions have built-in bank-grade security and comply with GDPR and other regulations.

Massive cost reductions

By digitising documentation, identity and access systems, Worldline enhances your performance by removing many of the time-consuming activities that employees currently have to perform.


Traffic congestion and rapid urbanisation pose significant challenges to your city. Worldline solutions reduce your carbon footprint and cut costs with efficient paperless processes and innovative solutions that increase the attractiveness of your public transport. 


We have industrialised our development process for digitisation innovation projects in such a way that we can develop your digitisation projects faster and at lower cost than you would have ever imagined.


Digital Identity, Digital Signature and Digital Preservation

Worldline Trusted Digitisation Services enable you to take the next step towards a more sustainable paperless society while massively enhancing your mission effectiveness. Decrease your CO2 footprint, cut costs, delight your citizens and increase your efficiency – what’s not to like?!

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The integrity of consumer goods is a major concern for society. Our Traceability solution provides a wide range of end-to-end services and solutions for public authorities to tackle counterfeiting, smuggling and tax fraud with unprecedented efficiency.

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Open Payment for transport and city facilities

Every city needs to make accessing its transport system as simple and easy to use as possible. WL Tap 2 Use combines ticketing and payment to provide a unique smart ticketing service. Make your citizens’ journeys seamless by enabling them to pay for a journey including multiple transport means and city amenities (parking, public swimming pool, etc.) in one go using a variety of devices, including contactless bank cards, NFC devices, QR codes or local smart ticketing schemes.

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WL Cloud Services

The Worldline Cloud is much more than just a technical cloud, it is the development of our hosting solutions. Thanks to Worldline’s recognized expertise in hosting and operating with highly sensitive data, this know-how is embedded in the Cloud offering. Worldline is compliant as well as certified by recognized market standards to guarantee high quality of service and security. Beyond the supply of infrastructures, Worldline supports its customers from end to end throughout the entire services’ value chain, including both in “cloud hosting” and in its customers' businesses.
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Client testimonials


Listen to Bram Lerouge - General Manager of Doccle - explain how his innovative company simplifies the way end-users manage their digital administration. It includes one central place for secure storage in the Private Cloud for all Belgian citizens, reducing the cost of sending paper and providing value added services such as alerting and payment.
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Île-de-France Mobilités is launching a ticketless smartphone solution for the Navigo pass as part of its ambitious Smart Navigo modernisation programme.
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