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Enabling the seamless journey citizens expect.

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End-to-end payments for the entire journey.

When, where and how we travel is evolving. Citizens are seeking more sustainable travel and a seamless experience when it comes to payments. Easy, reliable payments are a core part of providing that. So, whether you’re a public transit authority, a transport operator, or providing ticketing services, working with a global transport payments partner with the scale, reliability and agility to adapt is critical.

We bring together our expertise in the transport and mobility sectors with our long-established payments track record to provide tailored solutions for this sector. 

A ticketless smartphone solution that’s revolutionising travel.

See how Worldline is helping Île-de-France Mobilités launch a ticketless smartphone solution for the Navigo pass as part of its ambitious Smart Navigo modernisation programme.

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Solutions for Mobility

A suite of products to help your mobility businesses grow.

  • Tap 2 Use

    Open payment system delivering cashless transport and seamless mobility.
  • Parking Payments Suite

    A full-service payments solution dedicated to the parking industry, it streamlines processes and boosts efficiency throughout your operation, with terminals and digital payments for every environment.
  • Easy EV

    Physical and online payment solutions dedicated to all EV charging use cases.
  • Trusted Authentication

    An easy way to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) on any device through a simple and intuitive user interface using multifactor authentication.
  • Digital Currency 

    Worldline Digital Currency is Worldline’s private blockchain platform. Discover how you can create a secure digital payment system for your business.
  • Mobility Authorisation

    A future proof, scalable service for payment authorisation. See how Worldline Mobility Authorisation means convenience for drivers, reassurance for you.