Find the right balance between security and a positive user experience

The number of digital services is growing rapidly. Providers of these services face multiple threats and they have to deploy and maintain solid strategies to authenticate users. This can result in many different authentication methods and processes for different services. Additionally, new usages stimulated by PSD2/XS2A require strong customer authentication, which will become mandatory when new guidelines are introduced. And all that has to be done while maintaining a positive user experience.

With our WL Authentication Process Management solution, we break the silos between services and provide a consistent authentication policy. This allows you to provide the same customer experience for each service, while reducing the cost of strong authentication. Our risk-based authentication feature also improves the user experience, and mitigates friction. Offer a state-of-the-art user experience while complying with all regulations and guidelines.  

Banque & Innovation 2017 Award

Our WL Trusted Interactions and our WL Authentication Process Management solutions, developed by equensWorldline, were awarded by Banque & Innovation 2017. 


  • Manages authentication workflows for all use cases: Card-based remote payments (3D Secure), e-banking and PSD2/XS2A (AISP and PISP)
  • Manages exemption rules
  • Manages list of trusted beneficiaries for each cardholder
  • Manages authentication methods for each user, and for each use case
  • User enrolment
  • History of last authentications, with the context of each transaction, and justification of exemptions
  • Statistics, reporting by authentication method and use case

Value for our clients

  • Limit losses from online fraud
  • Comply with security requirements
  • Offer seamless authentication payment solutions
  • Decrease strong authentication costs by targeting only risky transactions
  • Ensure a high adoption rate with easy enrolment
  • Prevent customer losses with a fast authentication process  

They trust us


Expert view EBA Guidelines

Strong customer authentication is the key requirement of EBA Guidelines because it is the most efficient measure to fight against fraud, reinforce trust and protect sensitive data. How to handle EBA Guidelines on internet payment security to prepare for PSD2?

How banks can build trust in a PSD2 world

This whitepaper focuses on one of the biggest issues for banks – the new regulations around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

We explore how banks can go beyond simple compliance to build trust and create a smooth experience for all their customers. Don’t miss the insights provided by this whitepaper for banks!
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