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Increase conversion rates by offering your customers their preferred methods of payment. Implement the best payment solutions quickly, whilst addressing key needs such as fraud prevention, data analytics, security and compliance, whether local or cross-border.



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Easy sign-up

We provide hassle-free sign-up to our solutions. 

High conversion

We strive to have industry-leading high conversion across channels, creating your best-in-class shopping experience. 

Data insights

We deliver relevant insights derived from transaction data, helping our merchants to develop and grow their business. 

Flexible integration

We offer flexible integration from plug-and-play to API-based, bespoke solutions. 

One relationship

We simplify merchants’ lives by being their single point of contact for payment solutions in-store, online and on mobile. 

Service delivery

We want to make all our clients happy and we strive to deliver an exceptional service. 

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We are dedicated to helping you reach more customers, boosting payment performance and providing support in your daily work.

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Payment Methods to support your business growth

Integrate with shopping carts

Easily integrate our extension into your e-commerce platform and use a simple online checkout solution that facilitates conversion for online payments.

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Expert Advice

Client Testimonials


Funidelia seeks to rely on a payment partner that can handle the peak periods while ensuring data security. All of this is taking place across 32 worldwide markets, and is beginning to grow.

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Swedish Fit was one of the first companies in the wellness market to move online, allowing customers complete flexibility to book into their chosen class any time, anywhere, with a simple click. By partnering with Worldline, Swedish Fit took advantage of an all-in-one payment solution built around boosting their checkout conversion rates

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To increase its conversion rate, the gift box specialist had to make sure that its customers’ online shopping experience was effortless. Smartbox Group, therefore, needed a payment partner that could offer different means of payment, currencies and languages, even during peak periods.

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Customer Stories

My Business, My Story: Entrepreneurs daring to innovate and succeed.

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The Worldline Support Team is here to help. Learn more about popular topics and find resources that will help you with your payment set-up.

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