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With more than 45 years of experience in the payments business, Worldline connects and secures transactions that form parts of our daily lives. Covering the entire payment value chain, our technology experts create and operate digital solutions to boost the business of companies across all sectors including banking, retail, transport and government, through transformative technologies and in-depth knowledge. Worldline formulates systems and solutions that ensure seamless services for both our clients and their customers and processes millions of highly secured transactions every day. Best in class user experience is our mandate.

Customers want simpler, secure and more innovative ways to pay, so we have developed the best terminal product range and hardware security modules available. Instead of just responding to customers’ demands, you can now anticipate them.


Improved shopping experience

Stay ahead of the curve in terms of mobility, speed, security and ergonomics and fulfil all payment market needs. Engage your customers and upgrade their shopping experience with a broad range of services:

Payment at the check-out

Our countertop terminals provide merchants with unrivalled performance, a unique user experience and virtually unlimited possibilities for custom applications... 

Payment on the move

Our mobile and portable terminals improve the shopping experience with quick and easy  payments for contact and contactless cards /devices. They use WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G  to meet all communication needs. 


Our unattended terminals make self-service payments fast, simple and safe. They deliver high-tech design and an easy-to-use interface in a robust housing, made to withstand the weather and any threat of vandalism.  

Mobile seller payment

Our Dongle solutions offer your customers increased convenience at your Point of Sale with a mobile checkout experience. 

Encryption devices

Our Hardware Security Modules comply with all the major international standards and give a high-performance solution for the secure, processing-intensive cryptographic operations your business relies on.

Key benefits for your business

We offer you superior quality and, outstanding speed, with some of the highest security and payment standards available.

Our terminals are secure and comply fully with PCI and other requirements, including:
PCI PTS 4.x  |  EMV 4.x level 1 and level 2  |  MasterCard PCI POI PTS  |  PCI P2PE (in-store infrastructure)  |  European SEPA security requirements, CE, EMC
Other local approvals are also available.
We help you to unlock the growth potential beyond each sale:
  • POS Advertising enables you to display information on screen when your terminal is not performing any transactions or functions.
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables you to offer international cardholders the benefits of paying in home currency, having full transparency and reducing foreign exchange risks through instant conversion.
All the terminals in our extensive range support fast, secure transactions. Android-based terminals use a System-on-Chip (SOC) secure application processor that implements a separation between 'secure world' and 'normal world' in a single core. SAMOA-based terminals use an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) with two dedicated processors.
Our terminals and Hardware Security Modules are renowned for their outstanding quality and sustainability. Rigorous in-house testing is complemented by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certifications.


The YOMANI is a countertop terminal designed for attended use in retail check-out environments with a high transaction count. With its integrated contactless card- and device reader, the YOMANI enriches your customers’ shopping experience with an easy and fast payment process and brings a wider range of payment methods.


YOMANI touch

At a glance

  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS 4.x
    • EMV 4.x Level 1 & Level 2
    • MasterCard PCI POI PTS
    • PCI P2PE
    • Chip card
    • Magstripe
    • Contactless
    • Colourful
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi


YOMANI accessoriesYOMANI front

How we can help

A YOMANI for each need

  • Multi-lane payment for large retailers

    A USB device interface offering a single-wire solution for connecting the YOMANI to ePOS equipment.

    Multi-connected environment

    Equipped with a printer and a swivel, the YOMANI can be used in a standalone configuration - independently of your cash register. USB host interface providing connectivity to various types of peripherals such as biometric devices, barcode readers, cheque readers and signature pads

    Extended configuration

    Wireless communication with a mobile cash register, via WiFi or Bluetooth, is also possible, and indeed will become more frequent in the future, when tablets will be used more and more as cash registers.


Compact and lightweight, YOXIMO is extremely portable: in your hand, clipped to your belt, in its carrying case, or in your bag. Tough enough for long missions, it features a unique revolving privacy shield and a high-speed printer as part of its user-friendly design.

Its wireless communication interfaces make it the ideal solution for both portable and mobile applications: on-the-road transactions, in-store promotions, the hospitality sector and so on.

Its 2.2” colour display allows optimum state of the art interaction and maximises the user experience.


YOXIMO front

At a glance

  • Certifications
    • PCI PTS 4.x
    • EMV 4.x Level 1 & Level 2
    • MasterCard PCI POI PTS
    • PCI P2PE
    • Chip card
    • Magstripe
    • Contactless
    • Colourful
    • 4G
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi



How we can help

Key features

  • 3 configurations to cover all your communication needs

    YOXIMO WiFi for indoor and local use, YOXIMO 3G and the future-oriented YOXIMO 4G for outdoor and mobile use.

    Built to last

    With its strong casing, YOXIMO easily absorbs impacts and can cope with long and intensive daily use.

    Easy and fast payments

    YOXIMO improves customers’ shopping experience with an easy and fast payment process using contactless technology; its intuitive interface and prompts on the brightly colored screen guide the cardholder and make all transactions even faster. Powered by the dual-core System-on-Chip technology, YOXIMO is renowned for its outstanding high-speed transactions with less than 3 second time transaction.

    Reliable and long-life battery

    On the move, a long lasting battery is imperative. YOXIMO has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with superior autonomy, performing up to 300 transactions a day with printed ticket.

    Unparalleled payment security

    Secure transactions are guaranteed by the YOXIMO’s dedicated security processor, SSL-encryption, and by international and local certifications, such as PCI PTS 4.x, EMV and CB.


Reinvent your business with the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal for PIN-secured transactions able to meet the challenging and space-constrained specifications of the European Vending Association for Cashless Vending Systems (EVA-CVS).

At the heart of the terminal, a powerful new processor guarantees lightning-fast transactions. Technologies can easily be added and open the way to a wide range of communications, direct advertising and data gathering possibilities. This innovative, water resistant and vandal proof terminal has the potential to become the reference platform for unattended vending, energy, kiosk/ticketing and parking applications.



At a glance

  • Payment options
    • Suitable for payments with or without PIN
    • Accepts all forms of electronic payment including EMV
    • Supports business developments such as NFC loyalty, couponing, wallets
    • Maximise interaction and enrich the user experience with:
    • hardware video decoder with graphical accelerator
    • image libraries, touchscreen interaction and multimedia
    • moving-image advertising between transactions
    Robust and reliable
    • The tough, impact- and scratch-resistant glass display reduces reflectivity and offers outstanding readability. The terminal is IK 09 and IP 65 certified vandal-proof/water- and dustproof.
    • Chip-card and magstripe-card readers are selected for proven, long-term reliability
    High security
    • Meets the latest hardware and software security requirements
    • PCI PTS 4.x certified
    • Complies with SRED and Open protocol modules
    • Supports point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions
    • Delivers optimal processor security through ARM TrustZone
    Big performance, small footprint
    • The terminal is powered by a fast processor running Android, delivering unequalled performance and flexibility. This reliable operating system is embedded in many platforms, devices and systems worldwide. Built-in power management, optimised through proximity detection and external signalling, reduces environmental impact and operating costs.

How we can help

Key features making VALINA a next- generation unattended payment device:

  • All-in-one

    device supporting low- and high-value PIN-secured transactions, and accepting all forms of electronic payment including EMV

    Android-based platform

    supporting value-added payment and business applications such as NFC loyalty, couponing and wallet

    Intuitive and interactive

    payment terminal leveraging the user experience, with a full set of retail accessories.


It's time to pay by your own rules. The game is changing and YUMI is paving the way to a future of more flexible in store payments.

Why? To create seamless and interactive payment journey that your clients will remember and… repeat.

How? With its flexible, modular, portable and fully touchscreen YUMI, the game-changing payment device for OmniCommerce retailers and their customers.

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