Additional information along with the technical migration

The technical migration of the acquiring processing platform is coming up shortly and with it we will be able to provide you a modern and reliable system for all cashless payments. You will be able to process cashless payments at all times.


Daily-based settlement

Better transparency

Along with the acquiring platform migration all merchants will benefit from a daily-based settlement for better transparency.

If you had a prefunding settlement (where fees were debited flat-rate in advance and adjustments were made at the end of the month) the new daily-based settlement (settle the fees by each transaction) will apply.

If you already had a daily-based settlement, no changes will apply (blended pricing).

This means full cost transparency and less administrative work at the end of the month as there will no more open balances for fees occur. The only charge you will incur will be the VAT on the accrued fees by the end of the month.





Daily transaction charges throughout a month

1’557.00 €

1’557.00 €

Paid prefunding charges (old settlement model)

-1’500.00 €


Paid daily charges (new settlement model)


-1’557.00 €

Open balance

57.00 €


21% VAT of 1’557.00 €

326.97 €

326.97 €




Invoice amount at the end of the month

383.97 €

326.97 €



How to deal with open card reservations (pre-authorizations)

On the day of the migration your open card reservations (pre-authorizations) either need to be completed or manually cancelled at your terminal. Card reservations CANNOT be used after the migration!

With the manual cancellation the cardholder reservation (blocked amount) is immediately released. For all those cancelled reservations the amount for the customer spending’s need to be charged on the credit card while check-out (card present required). Or you run relevant reservations on your terminal again after the migration. Please inform your reception team accordingly.



Good to know

In principle everything stays the same



No actions required

You do not need to take any actions prior to the migration. 

Acceptance at all times

You will be able to acceptance payments at all times, no affect to your in-store or web shop or mail/phone order in any way will apply.  

Conditions remain

Your conditions from your current contract remain unchanged. 

Customer no. remains

Your customer number will continue to remain the same.  

At your disposal

Any questions?

Please contact us if you have any questions on this matter.

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