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Business Financial Management

Automate your clients’ accounting and treasury tasks with open banking

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Our solution helps banks and software providers to manage daily financial tasks of their clients effectively

With one integration, accounting software providers and banks will be able to access more than 3.500 banks across 21 European countries. The Worldline API provides standardised account information in real -time and allows to initiate single and bulk payments, including Instant SEPA payments. Banks can also benefit from a cash management solution designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) clients and fully integrated into Worldline’s banking offering.

For banks

Offer Business Financial Management solution to your SME clients as part of your digital suite. We provide with the best-in-class and highly customizable multi banking portal with real-time cash positions overview, cash forecasting, sweeping and financing capabilities:


  • • An aggregated view of SME finances across all bank accounts and entities
  • • The real-time banking data imported automatically and securely
  • • Activity summary by category (e.g. income, expenses) with the ability to drill down
  • • Company’s cashflow prediction based on historical and invoices data and manual corrections
  • • Cash pooling for cash positions optimization
  • • Link to bank’s financing / investment solutions based on cashflow forecast results.

For software providers

Use WL Reach API to access bank accounts and initiate payments from your software. With one simple integration you will unlock unlimited usage possibilities while fully controlling user experience:


  • • Import clean, structured and enriched banking data of your clients for accounting and reconciliation purposes
  • • Get overview of company’s cash positions across multiple banks and entities
  • • Request payments of sales invoices
  • • Pay outstanding supplier invoices and other company expenses (e.g. tax, payroll etc.)
  • • Issue reimbursements to company’s clients
  • • Receive push notifications on payment execution
  • • Access to more than 3500 banks in 21 European countries

One solution, multiple benefits

Our solution is comprehensive, secure and it works!

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