How to elevate customer experience and payment in vending in the New Normal?

02 / 05 / 2022

The last 2 years have transformed nearly every aspect of our world. Living through a global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our work, social interaction, childcare, and purchasing behaviour.

aerial view of the white paper document

The vending industry has not been immune to those changes but has been directly hit, seeing most workplaces around the world shutting down. Now, a year and a half on, it seems likely that office life will never be the same again. This can be a source of great uncertainty for the vending industry in Europe when 80% of machines are located in the workplace. 

Most remote employees state that when the pandemic finally ends, they will want to choose where they work, with many preferring a flexible mix of office and home. That is a profound shift in attitude, which companies and the players within this ecosystem will need to grapple with. 

In this report, we will explore the most significant trends and customer expectations impacting payment and vending in the “new normal” and will identify the way it will reshape our industry.