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Payments to grow your business

Simple, flexible, and inclusive payment solutions with full-service support

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Enhance your offering with an unbeatable payments experience

Providing a streamlined customer journey while also offering new, more and easier ways to pay is critical to standing out in a crowded market. No matter your size, one integration gives you the latest in online payments and bank-to-bank payment methods across North America. Our dedicated team of payment experts is here to support you every step of the way – so you can focus on your business growth.

For Software Vendors

Grow your software with online payments

Monetize payments through your platform and increase your customers’ conversions. Choose from simple payment links to seamlessly embedding payments within your software. Offer all the key ways to pay while staying secure, with one payment partner. 


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How to get started

Whether you are looking to integrate payments into your software for the first time or looking to migrate your accounts for a better payment experience, our team of payment consultants will make the process straightforward and provide full support.