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Let payments be a new revenue stream for your business.

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Boost revenue by monetizing your software in a new way

We offer a competitive fee structure that you can markup to earn commissions. Unlike competitors, our fees are transparent, fair, and flexible. 

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Finding an additional revenue stream made easy

You can decide if you want to earn extra revenue by setting the prices you show to your clients. You can adjust pricing for items like per-transaction, monthly, and set-up fees.

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Limitless opportunities

There are no limits with your earning potential

Our partners can make significant profits with our revenue sharing program. The opportunities for your business are endless. 

We won’t hold you back

No minimum processing threshold to take part

Without barriers in the way, you can join our revenue sharing program today and see how much monetizing payments can earn you.

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Increase your cash flow with FlexCommissions

A feature your accounting department will appreciate.

“We are really excited about the options we have now, and really excited about what the future will bring. We never know exactly how our platform will evolve to meet the changing marketplace, but we know Worldline will be a trusted partner, whatever the future brings.”


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Make payments a growth engine for your business. The revenue opportunities are endless when you partner with Worldline.

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Find our most common revenue sharing questions here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Request a call with one of our sales experts.

  • If you are a partner of ours, you can let your dedicated Account Manager know and they will help get you started.

  • To qualify for FlexCommissions, you must be a partner of ours and participate in our revenue sharing program.

  • Our revenue sharing program is free for partners to enroll in.

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