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Empower nonprofits to quickly and easily accept donations by integrating payments into your software, without stretching your budget or resources.

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Grant your non-profits accelerated donations

Adding payments to your fundraising or church management software provides a simplified solution for administrators to manage donations and effectively organize events. Easily integrate payments into your software and accelerate your offering by onboarding non-profits quickly. Simplify fundraising efforts by integrating a payments solution that is geared to help non-profits grow donations.

Customer story

GivingTools distinguished amongst competitors with Worldline partnership

By pairing Worldline’s processing services with GivingTools, all kinds of fundraising appeals become possible—from recurring gifts and campaign pledges to ticket and merchandise sales. “It’s the perfect combination,” observes Smith. “Nonprofits get the best of all worlds, thanks to the GivingTools and Worldline partnership.”

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Customer story

Cible Solutions’ forced migration led to increased scalability

Cible’s first payment provider gave notice that they were shutting down their online payments division. Worldline’s bank-agnostic gateway, bi-lingual services, and ability to support long-term growth across North America and Europe were substantial decision factors for Cible. 

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