Podcast | Understanding Payment Aggregator License

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Rapidly changing consumer behaviours. Constantly evolving regulations. Continuous technological advances. We have you covered. Accept payments quickly, simply and securely with Worldline, and let our payment innovations grow your world.

For Merchants

No matter the size of your business, as your payment service provider we’ll help you reach your goals with world-class global payment services.

Kick off your business with our full-service in-store payment starter pack.
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Your all-in-one online payment solution for seamless transactions.
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From in-store to online, grow your business across channels.
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Biller Network Solutions
A robust modern platform for Billers to access the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).
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Value Added Services
Host of value-added services to choose from for In-store and Online payments.
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Atul Kumar’s Kirana Store Transformation: The Digital Revolution of an MSME Business

With our solution BOSS, Atul gained an unprecedented level of control over his store's finances. The once stressful task of credit and payment management now became a source of pride. 

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