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Experience the convenience of accepting payments with LinkPay

Accepting payments is now easier than ever with LinkPay. Just share payment links with your customer via email, SMS, etc. and get paid immediately. 

  1. Easily create payment links as per your business requirements.
  2. Offer multiple payment methods as per your customer preferences.
  3. Customised payment link validity to set an expiry date suiting your business use case

Create payment links in 3 simple steps

Frequently asked questions

  • Worldline LinkPay is a payment link and is the best and easiest way for you to accept payment through a securely generated weblink/URL.

  • Worldline LinkPay is the fastest medium for accepting payments for your product directly into your bank account from customers. On clicking the link, the customer can choose from the payment modes and complete payment accordingly. On payment completion, you will receive the amount in your bank account.

  • You can send payment links securely to customers either by email, or SMS.

  • You can create a payment link on the Worldline dashboard by following these steps -

    • Login to your Worldline dashboard and go to the payment link generation tab.
    • Enter details of payment to be accepted like shipping charges, due date and more. 
    • Send payment link and accept payment instantly via Email or SMS with real-time notification. 
  • Yes, you can send the payment link request in bulk through Worldline LinkPay.