A sound box for instant payment confirmations is simple to set-up, sleek, compact, and robust

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Manage and grow your business with VABOX.

Crisp and clear alerts on payment confirmation

High-quality clear audio ensures a wider hearing range by covering the entire store even in noisy environments.

Long-lasting battery for up to 4 days

A long-lasting powerful battery ensures longer usage and makes the device portable for optimum use.

Speaker alerts you in your language of choice

Get instant alerts in the language of your choice. Choose your preferred language for instant payment confirmations from 8+ local language options.

Bright and clear display of the transaction

It provides you and your customers a clear visibility of the transaction amounts.

Worldline VABOX– Compact yet powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • VABOX stands for Voice Alert Box. Worldline offers a QR Code Payment Cloud Soundbox Solution known as VABOX to allow audible transaction completion notifications to the merchants.

  • Your Worldline VABOX will alert you for successful payments received on your QR by announcing the amount loudly. This device can be mapped with your QR and all payments received by scanning the QR will be announced.

  • VABOX supports 8+ languages. The languages supported are English, Hindi Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia.

  • By default, VABOX supports a regional language and English language. Only one language can be set on VABOX. In case of language change, a merchant needs to raise a language change ticket with the Worldline India support team.

  • Yes, you can click on the M button behind the VABOX to replay the last successful transaction.

  • No, VABOX can announce only completed transactions.

  • Any physical damage to VABOX is not covered under warranty.

  • Yes, you can use your standard SIM in your VABOX.

  • The standby battery time is 90 hours and the operational time is 8-10 hours. On average, VABOX can announce around 8000 transactions until the next charge.

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