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Batch processing

Optimize bulk transactions for both debits and credits.

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Complex billing made simple

Securely store and process payment data to enable batch transactions. Enable credit card payments or direct transfers for thousands of your customers within one API. Bundled with credit card processing, you will become a one-stop shop.

Expand your payment services

For both accounts receivable and accounts payable

Submit bulk transactions and pay them all at once in the Portal. For both debits and credits, only upload one file for quick and accurate payment processing.

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Keep things moving

No more tight deadlines

Batch processing through EFT and ACH is ideal for payroll and expenses, as you can submit a file up to 30 days in advance and pick the day that it will process.  

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Confirm the status of your transactions

Your customers will receive email alerts and visibility into the status of each transaction. They can review data and errors before the batch processes, ensuring their payments are processed on time.

The choice is yours

Let our API do the work

Our Batch Payment API allows you to combine multiple transactions into a single API request.

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