three pillars of competences covering payments and digital services

Merchant Services & Terminals

Merchant Services & Terminals

Leveraging the customer
engagement MerchantSevices & Terminals

Mobility e-Transactional Services


Enabling strategic digital
transformation MerchantSevices & Terminals

Financial Processing & Software Licensing

Financial Processing & Software Licensing

Industrial payment
MerchantSevices & Terminalsprocessing

girl holding a phone

creating tomorrow's digital experience

Sips payment gateway

payment gateway

Optimize your
conversion rateSips payment gateway





Worldline provides a range of end-to-end services that include innovative solutions combined with our partners' best practices. This approach guarantees our clients the best operational results.

Discover how Worldline has changed their way of doing business


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banking, financial services & insurancetelecom and mediaindustry oil gaz and utilities
public sector and healthretail"transport


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2-5 March 2015
Barcelona, Spain

Mobile World congress

17 March 2015
Paris, France


9 March 2015
Brussels, Belgium

EPCA Payment Summit 2015

26 - 27 March 2015
Paris, France

PayForum 2015

18 - 20 March 2015
Grimaldi Forum - Monaco

E-commerce One-to-one 2015

Worldline head office
River Ouest 80 quai Voltaire
95870 Bezons

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