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Transactions through marketplaces and platforms make up approximately one third of the European e-commerce volumes and are expected to increase to more than half in 2025. Business and consumer habits across the globe have undoubtedly evolved. From accelerating e-commerce trends and the transition from cash to digital payments, to encouraging innovative companies and disruptive entrepreneurs to launch new platforms, whilst existing retailers were stimulated to create their own marketplaces.

Traditionally, the majority of e-commerce transactions take place on B2C web shops where payments are supported by a few global PSPs. The dynamics of marketplace and platform payments however require expertise that differs from the traditional e-commerce market. Such skills involve dealing with large quantities of merchants with a relatively low volume of sales, and the handling of escrow payments with dispute and mediation management even between consumers for marketplaces that cover as well C2C (ie Consumer to Consumer) business.

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Online Payment Platform (OPP) is a leading, licensed C2C, B2C and B2B payment service provider specialised in platform and marketplace payments. OPP serves over 200 platforms and marketplaces across Europe and the UK such as Kleinanzeigen, Marktplaats (part of Adevinta, the leading online classifieds group), Gumtree, Royal Flora Holland and PayPal. OPP offers over 90+ payment methods, multi-split payment capabilities and various Escrow solutions. In addition, OPP offers a seamless consumer and business onboarding experience (KYC and KYB). 

OPP enables their partners to manage all of their activity through a Partner Interface which provides comprehensive insights into their platform's activity and merchants. Furthermore, OPP provides merchants access to their own Merchant Interface in which they can view their transactions, purchases, payouts and ask for support. Should a dispute arise between merchants, OPP offers first and second line support and a automated mediation flow enabling merchants to come to a resolution without the help of OPP.