UnionPay/Visa co-branded cards

Processing change for all UnionPay/Visa co-branding cards

Due to the Visa requirement for processing UnionPay/Visa “co-branded cards”, all European acquirers, such as Worldline, are required to recognise so-called co-branded UnionPay/Visa cards as Visa cards, and to process the transaction via Visa’s systems. This means that all UnionPay/Visa co-branded cards will be processed as Visa cards.

Find answers to frequently asked questions:

  • The front of a UnionPay/Visa co-branded card shows both logos (UnionPay and Visa), whereas the front of a UnionPay only card shows only the UnionPay logo. The UnionPay “only” card generally starts with the number 62xxx. 

  • In this case, please ask the cardholder if he or she has a UnionPay only card.

  • No. This change only affects the UnionPay/Visa co-branding cards. The other co-branded cards, such as Mastercard, will continue to be processed as a UnionPay card.

  • As the UnionPay/Visa co-branding card will be processed as a Visa card, your existing commission for Visa interregional transactions is valid and will automatically apply as of mid-June 2021.

  • Since the UnionPay/Visa co-branding card is identified as a Visa card, DCC is now possible.

  • There are several reasons why a transaction may be refused, for example if the balance is too small because the credit limit has been exceeded or a card is invalid, etc. In all these and other cases, ask your customers if they have another card, for example a UnionPay only card.

  • Since a UnionPay/Visa co-branding card will now be processed as a Visa card, authorisation by telephone (voice authorisation) is possible just as with normal Visa cards.

  • Yes. The booking is based on the pre-authorisation you granted for the VAT amount.