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Worldline Tap on Mobile

The new way to accept payments

Accept cashless payments on your Android smartphone or tablet. Get started quickly and easily – no fixed costs or setup fees apply. Register now, download the app and get started.


CHF 0.-1.7%
fixed monthly costs and setup feesper transaction*


*Maximum fee for domestic transactions: Debit Mastercard CHF 2.00; Visa Debit and V PAY CHF 3.50


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Information about the fees
Maximum fee for transactions with cards issued within Switzerland (domestic): Debit Mastercard **CHF 2.00
Maximum fee for transactions with cards issued within Switzerland (domestic): Visa Debit and V PAY **CHF 3.50
Minimum fee **CHF 0.10 per transaction
Surcharge commercial cards and non-domestic transactions: Applies to transactions with international commercial cards and to transactions with cards issued outside of Switzerland1.3%
Processing of chargebacksCHF 30.-
Setup feesCHF 0.-

** plus any surcharges

Ideal for small businesses

Tap on Mobile is the ideal entry-level solution for small businesses who want to accept card payments. There are no start-up costs, monthly costs or setup fees, you pay only when you accept a payment. Ideal for keeping your fixed costs low. Especially if you are just getting your business started.

Simply “Tap & Go”

Questions and answers

  • Contactless credit and debit cards and mobile payment methods:

    • Visa
    • Visa Debit
    • V PAY
    • Mastercard
    • Debit Mastercard
    • Maestro
    • Alipay+
    • WeChat Pay
    • TWINT
    • Apple Pay
    • Google Pay
    • Samsung Pay
  • You can accept the new PostFinance Card with Debit Mastercard at any time with Tap on Mobile. The transaction with this card is processed as a Debit Mastercard. The old PostFinance Card without Debit Mastercard is currently not accepted.

  • Yes, you can accept TWINT payments with Tap on Mobile.

  • No, you use your own compatible Android device. During the installation of the app, it automatically checks whether your device is compatible.

  • Yes. If the amount to be paid is above the contactless limit for the card, the PIN must be entered.

  • You can accept unlimited card payments with Tap on Mobile, with or without a PIN. The maximum amount for a transaction is CHF 100,000, but it depends on the cardholder's limit.

  • You can view the transaction process directly in the app. For an overview of all transactions, our free online portal myPortal is also available; you will receive the link and access data by e-mail. 

  • Payment is made within the next 48 hours. If you process a transaction today, the amount will be in the bank account 48 hours after.

  • You can use Tap on Mobile on up to five different Android devices with one account.

  • No, only Android devices are supported. During the installation of the app, it automatically checks whether your device is compatible.

  • Your Android smartphone or tablet must support the following security requirements or functions for Tap on Mobile:

    • Android 12 and above
    • Google Mobile Services (GMS)
    • Internet connection
    • NFC

    Whether your device is compatible is checked during the installation of the app. If you want to check whether your device is compatible before signing an acceptance contract, you can download the Tap on Mobile app here. To subsequently set up the app and conclude your contract, please register here. Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail with all the information you need to set up your app.


  • As a certified and regulated financial services provider, we are committed to complying with all guidelines and requirements in accordance with the international PCI security standard to ensure that all transactions on your Android device are secure.

    During the installation of the app, the following authorizations and information will be requested from your Android device:

    1. Authorization to use NFC
      NFC (Near Field Communication) access is required to read the credit or debit card. 
    2. Authorization to access/manage the camera
      For secure PIN entry, the app requires the rights that ensure that no display recordings can be made during the payment process. This should also protect you as a merchant from misuse.
    3. Authorization to manage connections
      The app must ensure that a payment process is not interrupted by a call, for example. For this, Tap on Mobile requires you to set yourself as the default caller ID and spam app.
    4. Authorization for the device location
      The location is used for the digital receipt. This allows you to provide your customers with a receipt showing the location of the payment. The device location is also used to fulfil security requirements or to detect possible fraudulent use of the app.
    5. Accessibility services
      These rights are needed to ensure that the app is not hidden during the payment process and is always open and visible. 

    The various authorizations and information serve to ensure the security of each individual transaction. This turns your Android device into a payment terminal, including PIN request for amounts over CHF 80.

  • Tap on Mobile can be used by sole proprietorships with and without registration, corporations and partnerships, public authorities, municipalities, cooperatives, foundations, charities or associations. The app may not be used for private purposes.

  • No, Tap on Mobile is only approved for use in Switzerland.


Do you have any questions about the offer?

Please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to advise you.

Are you an existing customer and do you need terminal support, do you have questions about your transactions or do you want to change your contract? Please contact our Customer Service / Terminal Support.

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