RaiseNow - important information for
credit card donations

We are happy to answer questions from RaiseNow customers. Fill out the adjacent form and send it back to us. We need to ask you for some information in order to send a Worldline acceptance contract for credit cards (MasterCard and VISA). We need your information so that we can fill out the contract and then forward it to you for signing. If you have any questions, please contact support@raisenow.com.

Legally binding representative

The persons signing the contract must be listed as legally binding representatives. List one or two legally binding representatives depending on the authority to sign.

Products offered

Worldline uses the terminology ‘products’ for the contract. For you and RaiseNow, in most cases the products are donations unless you still have a shop and offer products other than donations. In this case, you can select ‘Other’.

Please select

Requirements for your website

We would like to point out that the card organizations have some requirements for your website. This includes, among other things, a full legal notice including contact options via phone and e-mail.

The use of RaiseNow software is another quality feature for Worldline and covers other card organization requirements, such as address queries and data protection requirements. Please confirm here that your website meets the above requirements and that you have signed a contract with RaiseNow.

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