Offer Alipay+ with Saferpay now in your webshop

14 / 12 / 2023

Accept a variety of Asian e-wallets with Alipay+ and let your customers make convenient mobile payments.

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Mobile payment experience with the most popular Asian wallets thanks to Alipay+

These are your advantages as a merchant

By offering a wide range of different means of payment in your online shop, you can increase customer satisfaction, especially among your international customers, and reduce the number of abandoned purchases, as each of your customers can use their favourite payment method. With Alipay+, you are addressing a particularly large population group, as various Asian e-wallets are covered. You do not need a new implementation solution to offer Alipay+ to your customers. The payment method will be activated by our support team and displayed directly on your payment page. 

How you benefit:

  • Contactless payments via any Android and Apple device (mobile and desktop)
  • A solution from a single source: Alipay+ acceptance includes all relevant mobile payment methods
  • Same QR code for all mobile wallets
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Automatic on the Saferpay Payment Page
  • Works on all browsers and operating systems

Supported functions:

  • Purchase and refund
  • Omnichannel refund
  • Invoice and delivery address information transferred from the wallet
  • Collecting with your acquiring

These are the advantages for your customers

Users can install one or more wallets and make purchases and payments on the same mobile device (smartphone or smartwatch) thanks to the implemented app switch.

It's so easy for your customers to pay in just 4 steps:  

  1. Your customer scans the QR code with their favourite app. All available wallets are then displayed. Your customer selects a wallet.
  2. The transaction details are displayed to your customer for review in the selected app. 
  3. Your customer uses their predefined authorisation method (e.g. PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition) to confirm the payment in the app.
  4. Your customer receives a payment confirmation in their app – all done! 

Would you like to accept Alipay+ but are not yet familiar with Saferpay?


Are you looking for an online payment system or an individual solution for your checkout, but are not yet a Saferpay customer?

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