Bee-Family and Worldline

01 / 10 / 2022

One partner for all payment needs

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What is Bee-Family?

Bee-Family is much more than just honey. The company's idea was born in 2012 from fond childhood memories of beekeeping. Bee protection, sustainability, and raising public awareness are just a few of the keywords that the company deals with. In the background, payment transactions and billing should be as simple as possible. Learn more about the bees, the honey and how Worldline supports Mathias as a payment provider in the video.

header bee family

Which products does Bee-Family have?

“We had various different payment systems and contracts in place; we conducted an evaluation and then, in the end, decided wholly in favour of Worldline.This gives us the opportunity to have everything from one source and to work with one partner.”

Mathias Bösch, Managing Director of Bee-Family

Which payment solution is right for you?

Through conversations with companies, like Bee-Family, we have a clear understanding of the right payment solution for each situation. Our payment solutions are just as individual as our customers. Contact us to find the right offer for you together.