01 / 01 / 2019

myPortal from SIX Payment Services ticks all the boxes for a modern, service-orientated, value-added customer portal. The new portal provides optimal support in all business processes related to cashless payments. It gives you a quick overview of all transactions, your terminals and much more - in ten languages and 24/7.


With myPortal, SIX Payment Services has developed a new customer portal that brings together all the information you need. Comprehensive data and analyses are available for your cashless transactions. myPortal will replace the existing myPayments customer portal and will provide you with even more convenient insight into your payment transactions. All the functions of myPayments are also available in myPortal - with even easier handling. In addition, new additional functions and features will be added to the new portal on an ongoing basis.

With myPortal it is easy to get an overview of:

  • all cashless transactions
  • your entire terminal infrastructure from SIX Payment Services
  • settlements and fees incurred

User-friendly and clearly presented

The new portal is particularly user-friendly. With myPortal, you get a structured overview of your transactions and payments and important details about your terminals. Carry out your own analyses based on the data provided. All information is available for download. With the numerous filter functions, you can also search for individual transactions and view the relevant details. You will be blown away by the new customer portal’s simple and intuitive user interface and clearly structured homepage, which combines all relevant data. In addition, myPortal supports the financial reconciliation processes between credits, transactions and your accounting.

What does myPortal offer?

What further developments are planned?

Additional features will be added throughout the year. In the future, myPortal will combine all relevant information about your customer relationship with SIX Payment Services on a single platform.

The following features are already in the planning:

  • Integration of different analyses
    You will receive comprehensive statistics on your company - clearly presented and enriched with important comparative figures for your industry.
  • View and edit authorisations and reservations
    The display of open authorisations is activated specifically for hotels or car hire companies. In addition, you will be able to delete reservations via myPortal in the future.
  • Display of chargebacks
    View your open and completed chargebacks directly via myPortal. This information can also be exported.

When will myPortal be available?

The new customer portal will be available to new customers of SIX Payment Services throughout Europe in ten languages from April 2019. myPortal will then replace the previous myPayments portal. All existing myPayments users will be gradually migrated to myPortal. This process will be completed by late summer of 2019. If you are already using myPayments, SIX Payment Services will inform you about the migration in good time.