Alipay Plus


Cross-border mobile payment from a single source


Mobile payments are becoming more and more popular and the acceptance of mobile wallets is growing rapidly among merchants and consumers alike. In 2022 alone, every second payment in e-commerce was made using a mobile app, and mobile payments at the point of sale are also continuing to grow strongly. 

Take advantage of the following benefits

  • No additional investment: a software update of your existing terminals is all you need
  • Same QR code for all mobile wallets
  • Simple processes: the procedure at the payment terminal is exactly the same as for card payments
  • A solution from a single source: Alipay+ acceptance includes all relevant mobile payment methods
  • Simple integration into cash register systems
  • Better user experience: Define a consistent mobile payment experience including automatic sorting of the most popular wallets
  • Secure means of payment

With Alipay+, you can reach more than one billion consumers and thus increase your revenue

As a master wallet, Alipay+ includes the most popular wallets from Asia and Europe and offers an easy way to accept payments from all supported digital means of payment.

Alipay+ at the point of sale

You too can attract financially strong customers worldwide by accepting Alipay+ at your point of sale. The technology required to use Alipay+ is already integrated in Worldline's new terminals. This means that you can offer your customers fast and secure payment with their preferred app.

You already have a QR-enabled payment terminal from Worldline? Then all you need is a software update. This update will be sent to you by Worldline.

Alipay+ on e-commerce

International customers can use your products and services without having to leave their countries. Fast, international online transactions are easier than ever before with Alipay+. Make payment easier for your customers and integrate Alipay+ into your online shop.


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