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Easily see your turnover, sales and tax data at all times with SPOT

The SPOT financial dashboard was specially developed for companies that regularly deal with EU-wide shipments, VAT reports and compliance requirements.

Get a complete overview of your e-commerce business. If you are run an online shop across several marketplaces, SPOT pulls your invoice data from all previous systems and summarises it in a combined overview. You’ll never have to switch back and forth between different reports again. A single SPOT login is all you need to access your turnover and sales data.

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After that, you only pay CHF 8.90 per month for SPOT in Switzerland or EUR 8.90 (plus VAT) per month within Europe.

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About eClear

Founded in 2016, eClear AG is Europe's only payment service for tax clearing in cross-border e-commerce. With its full-service solution "ClearVAT", the leading tax technology company takes over the complete processing of VAT obligations from cross-border B2C trade transactions. The cloud-based eClear solutions automate and significantly simplify all VAT, customs and payment processes in e-commerce. In May 2021, eClear received the BaFin authorisation as an acquirer, which allows the company to operate as a payment service for cross-border e-commerce trade throughout the EU. eClear AG's processes are certified under Auditing Standard 880 of the Institute of German Certified Public Accountants.

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