Poinz Swiss Loyalty

Poinz Swiss Loyalty

More cashback for your customers – greater customer loyalty for you

Gain and retain new customers with poinz Swiss Loyalty – Switzerland’s innovative customer loyalty programme

Make sending targeted messages without targeting non-relevant groups a reality. With poinz Swiss Loyalty, you can communicate directly with your customers, engage with them through special sales promotions and increase your customer frequency through cashback campaigns. Run marketing campaigns with ease and measure success in real time.

Why do users use poinz Swiss Loyalty?

Quite simply, because they collect money in the app for each purchase, whether this is at Swiss Loyalty partners in-store or via the online shop, using Swiss Loyalty credit cards or using gift cards in the poinz app. Swiss Loyalty can be described as easy, transparent and worthwhile.

Benefits for you as a merchant

  • Direct access to the largest mobile community in Switzerland (> 1 million downloads)
  • Build customer loyalty and customer frequency
  • Scalable marketing campaigns in the poinz ecosystem
  • Easy integration through your Worldline payment terminals
  • Credit can be redeemed in the poinz app, without any provisions
  • No accounting obligations, no infrastructure required
  • No change to the payment process at the cash register
  • Employee training not necessary

These customers already trust in poinz

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