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Digitalise your receipts

Save time and money by digitalising your till receipts – it couldn’t be easier with ReceiptHero

Do digital payments even still require a ‘classic’ paper receipt? Paper till receipts are hard to organise, and they fade, crumple and pollute the environment. Studies have long shown that most customers would prefer a digital till receipt. ReceiptHero offers the ideal solution here.

Our partner, ReceiptHero, has developed a solution that makes life easier for you and your customers. The fully digitalised receipt platform ensures that you can send till receipts to your customers’ mobile phones in real time. These then appear in the end customer’s existing banking or payment app or optionally also in the ReceiptHero app. The sustainable, paper-saving and innovative service runs fully automated in your payment program.

ReceiptHero has already digitalised till receipts in Northern Europe and is now bringing the solution to the DACH region – to Switzerland first.

Benefits for you as a merchant

  • Promotes customer retention
  • Sustainable and resource-saving solution
  • Saves time and money
  • Valid as legal proof of purchase
  • No change to the payment process at the cash register
  • Additional advertising opportunities via ReceiptHero’s communication channels

About ReceiptHero

The FinTech ReceiptHero has developed a fully digitalised receipt platform. This can be used by merchants to send receipts in real time to banking or accounting applications or other partner apps. ReceiptHero is integrated with electronic cash registers and payment solutions to create digital receipts.