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Worldline Purchase with Cash Back

Simplify everyday life for your customers

Shopping and withdrawing cash at the POS

Withdraw cash for every payment made with a debit card? This is made possible by the free additional service from Worldline: worldline Purchase with Cash Back is free for the merchant. This means your customers no longer need to make the trip to an ATM or a bank branch because they can easily and conveniently get cash from you at the cash register. The total sum of the purchase and the cash is carried out with one payment.

No additional costs

Cash back without additional costs for the merchant is available for the following debit cards in Switzerland: Debit Mastercard, Maestro and Visa Debit. The maximum payout amount is CHF 300, while the minimum is CHF 20 and can only be received in connection with a purchase.

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FAQ WL Purchase with Cash Back

  • Purchase with Cash Back is a free additional service that cardholders can use in your store, meaning that they can purchase goods and/or services using their card and also withdraw cash at the same time. The purchase price and the cash back amount are approved as part of the same transaction and debited from the debit cardholder’s account.

  • With this free additional service you can dispense up to CHF 300 when your customers pay for their purchase with a debit card. When making their payment at the cash register, the customer simply states how much they wish to withdraw.

  • For Purchase with Cash Back transactions, the cardholder must be present with their card in your store. The transactions may only be carried out if the following requirements have been fulfilled:

    • All transactions carried out with Purchase with Cash Back must be authorised online for the full transaction amount (the card data may not be captured manually at the terminal) – including mandatory PIN entry by the cardholder.
    • Contactless transactions are also possible with the mandatory PIN entry requirement.
    • The cardholder is informed by the merchant of the total transaction amount in advance, and agrees to this.
    • The stipulated limits (minimum purchase amount CHF 10 and range of cash back amounts of between CHF 20 and CHF 300) must be adhered to.
    • The purchase and the cash withdrawal are executed in the same currency.
  • In order to process Purchase with Cash Back transactions, you require a terminal and an active acceptance contract from Worldline as well as the relevant supplemental agreement for this service. For non cash register-integrated terminals, the “payment with cash” function is simply activated. For cash register-integrated terminals, an extension to the cash register interface software is required.

    • Maestro, Debit Mastercard, Visa Debit
    • WL Purchase with Cash Back is not supported for V PAY.
    • Foreign cards would presumably be declined by the issuing bank.
  • Most banks have not yet activated Purchase with Cash Back for their credit cards.

  • No transaction fees are levied on the cashback amount. These fees only apply to the amount of the purchased goods.

  • You can decline this service to the cardholder.

  • How quickly your cash register system is set up depends entirely on your requirements for your payment solution and when it is available. Worldline will provide you with free personal access to the test system and to the technical documentation. Setting up your terminal and cash register is very easy. Please ask your contact person at Worldline how long it will take in your specific case.

    • Cash register: TIM starting from version 3.2
    • Terminals: Yomani, Valina, Yoximo, Yumi, Move/Desk 3500, Lane 5000
      - Cash register-integrated: ep2 version 7.0 or higher
      - The standalone option is only available in ep2 version 7.2 or higher
    • Financial reconciliation: RAF file version 7.1, MRX 1.5 or higher
  • The two different transaction amounts (purchase and cash withdrawal) are displayed separately: the amount for the purchased goods and the cash back amount to be taken out of the cash register. This helps with financial reconciliation.

  • The two amounts (purchase amount and cash back amount) are displayed separately.

  • If the transaction was successful, a short text such as “Payment processed” or “Authorisation successful” will be shown on the receipt. Alternatively, the function “Sales summary” or “Sales report” gives you a printout that shows all transactions since the last POS reconciliation. Please refer to the user manual for your terminal for information on how to access this feature.

  • That depends on the cardholder’s bank. The bank may charge fees.