Change of our legal entity

Switzerland — 01 / 11 / 2021

We have already started to use Worldline’s logo and identity in the past few weeks. This rebranding brings us more closely into alignment with our parent company Worldline. Now we are changing the name of our legal entities from SIX Payment Services to Worldline.

Worldline office

What’s changing and when?

You might have noticed that we are already using the Worldline logo on some of our channels. Further to that, the name of our legal entity will be changed from SIX Payment Services (Europe) S.A. to Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A. for Europe and from SIX Payment Services Ltd. to Worldline Switzerland Ltd. for Switzerland.

This change will come into force at the beginning of November. Some customer touchpoints (e.g. branches or marketing collateral) might still reflect SIX Payment Services for another few months, until the change is registered with each local commercial register.

How does this affect me as a customer?

Whilst our bank accounts will not change, please inform your bank about our name change. This is to ensure that none of the payments are being rejected. Although our legal entity name and brand will change, your current conditions and contacts will remain unchanged.

Information for Swiss merchants: 
Please note that as of November 1, 2021 our telephone numbers will be changed to +41 58 205 xxxx. All 0800 and 0848 service numbers are not affected and will remain unchanged.

How does this affect me as a partner?

The renaming of our legal entity name has no impact on our partnership. Your contact person, our telephone number and e-mail addresses remain unchanged.

You want to explore our new brand identity?

Visit our global website to learn more about our new brand.

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