Online cancellation of reservation requests

Switzerland, Luxembourg — 30 / 12 / 2019

Written cancellations of pre-authorization/reservation requests will only be processed from 1 January 2020 via the online form.

Worldline office

We have simplified the cancellation process for you: From now on you can process cancellations of pre-authorisations and reservation requests swiftly using our on-line form. Your pre-authorisation/reservation and cancellations requests can now be easily sent to us directly on-line. This new service is automated, which enables faster approval of blocked amounts on your customers' credit cards.

Your request is sent to the cardholder’s bank immediately. The bank which issued the card in question bears the exclusive responsibilities for cancelling reservations (See download to find out more).

The on-line form is now available to you. By pressing the “Send” button, the cancellation order is sent directly to the right interfaces at the banks which issued the cards.