Worldline chosen by Goethe-Institut to meet its global market requirements for a truly localised payment experience

Switzerland — 09 / 11 / 2023

Worldline has been selected by the Goethe-Institut, Germany’s cultural institute, operating worldwide, to provide optimised payment experiences to its consumers through integrated local payment methods in respective currencies.

Operating through 158 branches in 98 countries around the world, the Goethe-Institut has been promoting knowledge of the German language and fostering international cultural collaborations since 1951.   

Worldline has tailored its market leading payment solution for the Goethe-Institut to include insightful performance analytics alongside unified reporting. Combining a personal and consultative approach to achieve the best possible experience, Worldline’s full-service solution will enable local processing via a payment orchestration layer based on proprietary smart routing technology. This will allow one contract, one integration and one financial flow throughout the payment processing journey.

Incorporating a number of key features, the Goethe-Institut will be able to accommodate all the local market nuances and characteristics encountered across its highly diverse user base. With flexible and tailored reporting, the Goethe-Institut will also enjoy enhanced payment efficiency and commensurate augmented financial performance. The addition of the Worldline Payment Orchestration offering will also bring the additional benefit and comfort of easy access to local partners and acquirers. Worldline’s solution ensures that the Goethe-Institut and its payments platform remain fully compliant with all necessary regulations and data security standards.

"This has been an extremely interesting challenge for Worldline. The Goethe-Institut is world-renowned and operates in nearly 100 countries. With exacting standards and complex requirements, we are delighted to offer the Institut market-leading solutions that will benefit both them and their international customer base.”

commented Kym Lukins, Head of Digital Goods & Services at Worldline

“Worldline understands that payments are not just functional but can also enhance customer experience and business growth. Its tailored advice and solutions have helped us gain insights into our payment performance, improve collaboration with our partners, and make process improvements that help us better serve our customers around the globe.”

added Birgit Weckerle, Head of Marketing and Sales at Goethe-Institut