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Digital Security Suite

Protect your devices against cyber threats

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Secure your devices against frauds thanks to an AI-Powered solution.

The digital threat landscape is constantly evolving, with fraudsters employing ever more innovative tactics to target businesses and their users. In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in sophisticated forms of fraud, especially « authorised payment transactions » fraud such as impersonation, app scams and deepfakes. These methods are increasingly affecting end users and financial institutions, making them prime targets for such malicious activities. To effectively combat these threats and provide robust protection for your activities, Worldline Digital Security Suite harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, offering a defense against digital security threats.

Protection meets flexibility

Digital Security Suite is capable to provide more than 100 probes & detectors for Android, iOS and browser with the aim to detect locally attacks. The versatility of the Digital Security Suite allows seamless integration across a multitude of devices and operating systems, ensuring your users operations remain secure. Furthermore, its flexibility allows an adaptable response, thanks to AI machine learning and our 3 scores that assess the risk of each operation on our devices. It is essential for our clients to maintain flexibility in their decision-making process to ensure the protection of their end-users. 

Utilize AI to protect your users’ devices

In Worldline Digital Security Suite, AI plays a crucial role, employing machine learning algorithms to pre-emptively identify and prevent cyber threats. This solution crafts three distinct scores to protect your businesses: the Device Prevention Score for assessing a device’s vulnerability, the Device Imprint Score for device recognition, and the User Behavioral Score for identifying typical user patterns. This AI-driven solution has been proven to improve fraud detection by up to 30%, while also offering an adaptative response to safeguard end users.

A fully adaptable back-office to further enhance security

Digital Security Suite is also composed of a back-office allowing for easy configuration, adaptation, dynamic fine-tuning and calibration of security policies for any given fleet of devices you might have. Utilizing this back office, you gain access to comprehensive compromise reports for each fraud detected, identifying which detectors tools were triggered, thanks to our +100 detectors. Additionally, you’ll also be able to manage a “blacklist” of devices and update the security policy in relation to “families”.

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