Worldline Product Summit: the first edition of many more to come

05 / 04 / 2020

On April 3rd and 4th, 180+ Worldliners, from 33 cities and 13 countries, gathered in Luxembourg for the first Worldline Product Summit to focus on product management and profitable growth.

2 min.

Worldline product summit first edition

This Product Summit was the first internal Worldline Product Management best practices rendez-vous. It gave the opportunity to our product management community to share views, practices, questions, ideas and experience with peers from other Worldline entities and geographies.

Gilles Grapinet at Worldline Product Summit

It began with an official opening by Gilles Grapinet, offering insights for all Worldliners in attendance. After this amazing introduction, the next two days featured 24 sessions, 6 plenary and 18 break-outs, 20 demos and posters from 50+ contributors. Attendees were able to take a closer look at some of Worldline’s products and meet the teams in charge of them. The break-out presentations focused on products, security, market activities, innovation, best practices and much more. Many Worldline entities, which are part of the Product Management’s ecosystem, such as Sales & Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, HR, Production Services, Software Development Community Office and R&D, were also in attendance.

Worldline Product Summit participants

Participants also had the opportunity to have their professional pictures taken, and could volunteer to shoot a 90-second elevator pitch about their product. They also engaged in intense networking among themselves during the workshops, breaks, meals and around demos and posters.

The second day started with an interesting keynote presented by Prof. Dr. Paul Verdin, Professor of Strategy & Organization and Director of the Baillet Latour Chair in Error Management at Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (ULB, B) and Professor of Strategy & International Management at K.U.Leuven (B), on the strategic imperative of creating and capturing value.

The Worldline Product Summit closed with awards for Product Managers of some of Worldline's solutions.Nicolas Marcoin, for WL Contact, received the Strong USP award. Denise Cserinko, for MyPortal, received the Voice of the Customer award. Julien Gabillet, for WL Access Control Server, received the International Reach award. Clément Jozwiak, for WL Access 2 Account, received the Product Launch award. Finally, Christophe Hardouin Duparc received a special mention award for WL Tap 2 Use.

Worldline Product Summit awards

This internal event received great positive feedback and was perceived by all attendees as an amazing opportunity, which they already cannot wait to renew next year!