Meet a Worldliner: Kamar, Associate Engineer Automation Tester, India

24 / 03 / 2023

As a Software Tester at Worldline, Kamar’s duty is to catch and report bugs so that his team can deliver an optimal user experience. Read on to discover how he thrives in a positive work environment.

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Kamar, Associate Engineer Automation Tester, India

What´s a typical day in the life in Public and Regulatory Affairs at Worldline?

My days commonly start with a 15-minute team meeting which involves discussing the day`s agenda and having friendly conversations with my team members. Then I begin coding for my JIRA Task Test Automation. The evenings usually end with a daily Huddle meeting with clients of the UK team to discuss the ongoing projects and updates.

How does the work you do as an Automation Software Tester impact the world around us?

We live in a technology-driven world and consumers need bug-free and effective Software/Applications. As a Software Tester, it is my duty to catch and report bugs so that our team can deliver a better experience to users.


What is the culture and the people like at Worldline?

I like the fact that there is no hierarchical culture here and everyone is very helpful and approachable. Good work gets noticed and appreciated.

What´s the key to success when working in a global company like Worldline?

One has to be visible and build connections by speaking with different global and local teams and not limit oneself to a limited number of people.

What would be your perfect weekend?

Spending time with family & friends as well as watching some new content (‘Netflix and Chill’)

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