Payment orchestration: a look under the hood

15 / 12 / 2023

As Worldline’s PaymentIQ product specialist, I’m often asked to explain how payment orchestration works. Often, even people who have been involved in the payments ecosystem for some time do not have a clear picture of exactly what it does; how it is able to introduce high levels of intelligence and flexibility into what has traditionally been a fairly static – almost ‘fit and forget’ – payments technology landscape.

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In the ever-evolving world of digital payments, the concept of payment orchestration has emerged as a game-changer for businesses globally. But what exactly is payment orchestration, and why is it becoming indispensable for companies across various industries?

Let us explore the transformative world of payment orchestration, a critical component in modern digital economies. We delve into how solutions like Worldline's PaymentIQ are innovating in this space, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our solution is that it was designed from the start to meet the needs of merchants and their end-customers. Just over a decade ago, it was a forward-looking merchant who came to us to develop a tailored orchestration platform. One that would enable them to manage all their payment solutions from a single, intuitive dashboard, and use payment logic to optimise acceptance rates.

The resulting payment orchestration platform has been helping merchants seamlessly integrate multiple payment gateways, streamline transactions, and optimise payment routes to:

  • Accept more legitimate transactions, worldwide
  • Control payment strategy management
  • Reduce operational costs.

Let’s peek under the hood of our payment orchestration solution to understand how it delivers these benefits.


What is Payment Orchestration?

Payment orchestration refers to a sophisticated system that integrates and manages multiple payment service providers, acquirers, and banks into a single, unified software layer. This system streamlines the entire payment process - from routing through reconciliation, ensuring efficient and secure transactions between merchants, customers, and payment providers


Key features of payment orchestration platforms (POPs):

Simplified Integration

POPs reduce the complexity of managing multiple payment systems, enhancing business scalability and global operation capabilities​.

Automated transaction routing

These platforms optimize payment routes based on various criteria, reducing false declines and boosting authorized transactions.

Enhanced customer experience

By providing diverse payment options and maintaining consistent online experiences, POPs help increase sales and reduce cart abandonment​​​.

Cost Efficiency

POPs automate payment processes and minimize transaction fees, leading to significant cost savings for businesses​​​.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Offering centralized analytics, POPs enable businesses to gain insights into customer behaviours and payment trends, optimizing payment operations​​​​.

The growing importance of payment orchestration in global business

In today's digital age, payment orchestration is not just a luxury but a necessity for businesses looking to scale globally. It supports international transactions by handling currency conversions and facilitates cross-border payments, thus playing a crucial role in global expansion​

The future of payment orchestration

With the increasing demand for efficient and secure digital payment solutions, the market for payment orchestration is expected to grow significantly. This growth emphasizes the critical role of these platforms in modern business operations, particularly in an interconnected digital landscape​

API-enabled flexibility

Our Front API gives merchants who do not want to use our awesome checkout (most do!) the option to build their own using the same API calls. Either way, the solution delivers a smooth checkout experience which is completely customisable, using the smart rules within the system.

In addition, the Integration API enables smooth interworking with a multitude of Payment Service Providers (PSPs) worldwide. The solution is completely agonistic; merchants are not obliged to use Worldline’s own payment services. Businesses can expand into new markets without the headache of integrating new local payment gateways individually from scratch.

By consolidating payment processing under one roof, our solution drastically simplifies merchant operations and reduces integration costs and time (often just a matter of days, rather than the traditional weeks or months). 

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Secure data vault

At the heart of PaymentIQ’s intelligent routing, reconciliation and reporting capabilities is a secure PCI-compliant data vault, which paves the way for a frictionless user experience, personalised offers, and data-driven insights.

  • Frictionless user experience – by securely storing user data, the vault enables swift checkouts for repeat customers. Users don't need to enter their payment details every time, leading to a smoother transaction experience and helping boost conversion rates.
  • Personalised user journeys – with immediate access to user data, merchants can tailor offers and promotions based on individual purchasing habits. This not only drives sales but also enhances customer loyalty.
  • Data-driven insights – securely stored user data provides merchants with a goldmine of information. It allows for in-depth analytics, helping businesses understand their customer base better and refine their strategies accordingly.
  • Enhanced security – card and user data are stored in line with the latest Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. This ensures that all stored data is encrypted and protected against potential breaches. It tokenises card numbers independently from PSPs, gateways, and acquirers; every transaction is secure, and customer data remains uncompromised.


Intelligent routing

One of PaymentIQ’s standout features is its ability to dynamically route transactions. Depending on the transaction type, amount, or even the customer’s location, it will choose the optimal gateway for processing. This ensures not only a higher success rate but also cost-effective transaction fees.

Real-time analytics and reporting

In today’s data-driven world, understanding transactional patterns and user behaviour is paramount. Our solution offers a comprehensive dashboard with real-time analytics, giving businesses a bird’s-eye view of all their transactions. This transparency allows for better decision-making and spotting potential issues before they escalate.


Scalability and performance

PaymentIQ’s architecture is designed to scale. Whether you're a budding e-commerce store or a global enterprise, the platform ensures consistent performance even during traffic spikes. This scalability gives businesses the peace of mind they need during seasonal sales or marketing campaigns.

Customisable workflows

Every business has unique needs. That’s why our solution offers customisable workflows, enabling merchants to define their transactional processes based on their individual requirements. This flexibility ensures seamless integration with existing business models and optimises the transaction flow for maximum efficiency.

While some competitive platforms offer a subset of the capabilities of PaymentIQ, none integrates all these elements holistically to meet the diverse range of merchant and consumer payment needs securely and cost-efficiently.

Discover the latest innovations in our payment orchestration solution – stay ahead of the curve!

Alexander Gustafsson

Alexander Gustafsson

Product Manager Payment Orchestration